New 8 Block Apartment Complex Project in Kargıcak Alanya



The project is under construction on 25.000 m2 and consists from 8 blocks. There will be a remarkable view of the sea and mountains from big windows of apartments and balconies. All territory of a complex is decorated by a beautiful green lawn and decorative trees.

In the territory of a complex are:  3 big pool, 1 pool with hills, 1 pool with a recreation area and 2 paddling pools. There is a bar near the pool, a place for a brazier, an arbor and a basketball  platform and tennis court. Under 8 blocks – the covered  parking, under A-B blocks SPA salon is located, witch  well  be 3.000 m² and under L block  SPA salon is located, witch  well  be 6.000 m².

In SPA salon there are: the indoor pool,restourant, an Ottoman bath (boors), the steam room, a sauna, the salt room, rooms for massage, a restroom, fitness, Pilates yoga, billiards, table tennis, squate (tennis), movie theater, a nursery, booths for disguise and bathrooms.

Technical characteristics: An antibacterial facade, noise – and water isolation. Spacious and modern elevator. Fire-prevention alarm system. Central satellite system. Protection and tracking cameras

In apartments: steel doors, the on-door speakerphone with a video system. False ceilings and pointed hidden lighting. Washable paint on walls and floors from granite of the first class. Porcelain, ceramics and developed by designer kitchens and bathrooms. Conditioners in all rooms, a home telephone number and PVC of a window and a door on a balcony with double glass and noise isolation. Next to the sea shore.

To the center of Alanya – 15 km.

To Gazipasha Airport – 15 km.

To Antalya – 150 km.

             A,B,C,D,E,F,G BLOСKS 350 flats:

  • (126 fl of 1+1 65-70 sq.m)
  • (84 fl of 2+1 90-115 sq.m)
  • (42 fl of 2+1 Garden Duplex of 135-160 sq.m)
  • (14 fl of 3+1 Garden Duplex of 180-220 sq.m)
  • (14 fl of 4+1 Garden Duplex of 250 sq.m)
  • (42 fl of 3+1 Penthouse of 175-200 sq.m)
  • (28 fl of 4+1 Penthouse of 190-225 sq.m)


L BLOСK 100 flats:

  • (48 fl of 1+1 65-70 sq.m)
  • (12 fl of 2+1 100-115 sq.m)
  • (16 fl of 2+1 Garden Duplex 100-115 sq.m)
  • (4 fl of 3+1  Garden Duplex 175-200 sq.m)
  • (16 fl of 3+1 Penthouse 160-185 sq.m)
  • (4 fl of 4+1  Penthouse 200-250 sq.m)




                                                            Beginning of construction 20.10.2018

                                                             Delivery of complex 31.12.2021

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