Viewing Trip To Turkey

Fastigheterturkiet offer you the opportunity to purchase your apartment safely,make it easier for you to choose your apartment before purchasing and to review other properties with our team. We also offer you ease the process of your journey to Turkey.

Milan Home organize and purchase your ticket,arrange transfer from the airport and will take care of your stay (up to 2 person and only 1 week stay limit). Select the property you want and when you are ready please contact us and let us bring your dream home around the Mediterranean for you and your family as Milan Home trustworthy team.

We offer you the opportunity to visit and promote Alanya before the house-buying phase. Thus, before you buy real estate you will have enough information about the environment and the neighborhood you will live. In addition, If you decide to buy an apartment from one of our own apartment projects, we offer you discounts on the price of the apartment, ease of payment, residency permit and similar facilities.


Get our free buying guide now and learn all you need to make a safe purchase in Turkey.


We recommend you some steps to be considered when buying home in Turkey. First you need to decide if you buying home for investment or to live. Learning the keywords will make your work easier,for example; (TAPU-Ownership Certificate) and (ISKAN-Certificate of Habitation). Also location is important when buying home,so our website will give you the best results about that! You can be sure,we as ‘’Milan Home’’ team, working with reliable and well known construction firms in Turkey.